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White Muslin Fabric

  • White Muslin for Mary costumeWhite Muslin for Mary head dress
  • White Muslin fabricFine white muslin
  • White Muslin fabricBeautifully light & soft

Another beautiful 100% cotton fabric. This fabric is so light and fine it makes beautiful 'Mary' head dress.

This fabric is very lightweight, but be warned the edges will fray when it is cut. It is very difficult to take a good photo of the fabric! It is ideal for making Mary head dresses as being so thin, it won't drag itself off Mary's head. The fact that it is cotton means it won't give Mary dreadful static hair either.

Buy a piece of this Fabric

This fabric has a width of 1 metre, so a 1m length of this fabric makes a perfect headdress, as shown in the photos above.

Price : £3.00   1m (100cm) length by 1m (100cm) width

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