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Brown Velvet Stripe Cotton Fabric

  • Brown velvet striped cottonPen added for scale
  • Brown velvet striped cottonBeautifully soft and drapable
  • Brown velvet striped cottonBrown velvet striped cotton

Another beautiful 100% cotton fabric. This velvet-y fabric is a dark chaocolate brown, and has woven textured vertical stripes across the full width of the fabric. It would make beautiful robes for a Shepherd or Traveller, and because the fabric is quite luxurious could also make a "Wealthy person's" outfit.

This fabric is a bbeautiful weight, heavier than our Blue and White Striped cotton but still soft and drapable so it won't overwhelm a small child.

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The width of the roll is aproximately 140cm, so you can either buy this fabric by the metre for £10.00 (price includes P&P), or you can buy a piece that is ideally shaped to make your own costume, as described here. This requires a piece of fabric that is half the width of the roll, 70cm, and 2m (200cm) in length means you have plenty to make an over the head costume and a matching head dress. You should even have enough to cut a belt tie & a head band tie (depending upon the width of your child).-->

The price is £10.00 which includes free First Class P&P.

Price : £10.00   2m (200cm) length by 70cm width

This is the ideal size of fabric to make the 'No-sew' costume described on this site

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Price : £10.00   1m (100cm) length by 140cm width

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