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Helping You Make Beautiful Nativity Costumes

With all the excitement of Christmas coming up, you are suddenly handed a letter by your child telling you their part in their Nativity Play. How exciting! If, however your heart then sinks because you have to provide a costume, then hopefully we can help.

I aim to make this site a starting point for ideas for Nativity Costumes both from what other parents have made, or seen other children wearing as well as some ideas of my own.

The idea of creating your own costume can be daunting if you have limited sewing experience. I aim to give you ideas about how to create costumes with as much or as little sewing as you are able.

Just added to the Site I've just added some Cow Print Fleece fabric for your young moo-vie star (sorry!)

Practical help

As well as ideas, I can offer some practical help as well. From my experience of making costumes for our sister site, While Shepherds Watched I have a range of fabrics which are great for making suitable costumes.

Fabric Sales & Clearance Items

For a limited time, I also have some 'clearance' items from While Shepherds Watched - the last few of previous year's handmade costumes (the site now sells solely Fairtrade Cotton costumes).

So have a browse through the site, and feel free to offer your thoughts and opinions to add to this site to help benefit all panicking parents at this busy time of year!

Share Your Ideas

Please do send us your ideas for costumes - any tips & hints we can share with other parents will be posted on the site (and you will be credited with the idea!). Send us an e-mail